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Join me in my efforts to support Children's Healthcare of Atlanta!

For almost 6 years you have followed Oliverís adventures and his struggles with his extremely rare disease. As most of you know, Oliver has been diagnosed with Leukemia, and the latest assessment from his oncology team is that he cannot be cured. During this time many of you have offered your assistance, but we (stubbornly) have asked for very little.


Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta is soon opening a new Center for Advanced Pediatrics, intended to provide comprehensive coordinated care for medically complex children, like Oliver.

Oliver is currently seen by almost a dozen specialists, and it has been solely our responsibility to coordinate and deconflict not only his routine medical appointments, but also his plan of care during admissions to the hospital. Furthermore, it took us five years to find a pediatrician who would treat him, and commit to helping coordinate care, and even attempt to answer our difficult and out of the ordinary medical questions.

Imagine having to make all the medical decisions for your childís first five years on your own, with little advice from a medical professional, because few feel that they can familiarize themselves with your childís complex medical history.

Imagine that youíre in the emergency room at 2:45 in the morning (for the 4th time in 6 weeks) and itís up to you to remind the hospitalís staff that his home based intravenous nutrition is compatible with certain antibiotics, but the nutrition provided by the hospital is not (or is it the other way around?).

Then imagine a facility becomes available where much of this is done for you.Imagine only having to go to one medical office in a week instead of 3. Imagine having your childís medication and allergy list read to you, rather than reciting it from memory a couple of hours before sunrise. Imagine being able to make one phone call to find a pediatrician who will see your child, rather than having to ask 6 medical specialists for recommendations for a pediatrician, only to chase leads for five years.

This is becoming a reality for families of children like Oliver.

Now for the request.

Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta has published naming opportunities for their new Center for Advanced Pediatrics. We would love to be able to name something in this facility after Oliver. But more importantly, we want this facility to be successful.

We have our sights set on a Plan of Care Conference Room on the same floor that will house the Medically Complex Care Program. The donation required to reserve this room for Oliver is $100,000. Fortunately, we have three years to raise these funds. In addition to this website, we will be holding several fundraising events over the next three years. As Oliver's parents, we are committing to donating $10,000 of our own money to this cause over the next three years.

Ashley and I are personally vested in the creation of this clinic, and would like to continue to be after Oliverís passing. Ashley served as a patient & family advocate on the founding committee, and Oliver is one of the key cases for which this facility was founded. We want this to be his legacy.

Thank you!
Chris, Ashley, Owen & Oliver
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